Field photos of imagines in nature and habitats of typical Mongolian cerambycid species: A male of Eodorcadion dorcas dorcas B small enclave with high tufts of grass, the habitat of E. dorcas dorcas C tuft of needlegrass Achnatherum splendens, the possible host plant of larvae of E. dorcas dorcas D remains of a female of E. dorcas dorcas E male of Eodorcadion dorcas scabrosum F female of E. dorcas scabrosum during eating a blade of Iris tenuifolia G pair of E. dorcas scabrosum in copula on I. tenuifolia H attempt to mate while laying eggs by a female of E. dorcas scabrosum in the roots of I. tenuifolia.

  Part of: Karpiński L, Szczepański WT, Boldgiv B, Walczak M (2018) New data on the longhorn beetles of Mongolia with particular emphasis on the genus Eodorcadion Breuning, 1947 (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae). ZooKeys 739: 107-150.