Dated phylogram based on concatenated data set including five genes (COI, 16s, 18s, 28s, NAK), generated using a relaxed lognormal clock in BEAST. BI posterior probabilities (>0.9) and ML bootstrap values (>60) are presented above the nodes. Estimated mean divergence time is given below the nodes only where nodes are statistically supported or the topology was identical between BI, ML and BEAST analyses. Subclades including individuals from more than one species have been collapsed to genus level, since all (except Porcellio) were monophyletic. Abbreviations: P. Porcellionidae, T. Trachelipodidae, A. Agnaridae, R. Armadillidiidae. Numbers in parentheses after each taxon name refer to numbering of taxa in Table 1.

  Part of: Dimitriou AC, Taiti S, Schmalfuss H, Sfenthourakis S (2018) A molecular phylogeny of Porcellionidae (Isopoda, Oniscidea) reveals inconsistencies with present taxonomy. In: Hornung E, Taiti S, Szlavecz K (Eds) Isopods in a Changing World. ZooKeys 801: 163-176.