Cladolasma ailaoshan sp. n. Photographs of holotype male and female paratype 19 Body and parts of appendages, male, dorsal view 20 Ditto, ventral view 21 Hood, male, dorsal view 22 Hood, female, dorsal view 23 Body and parts of appendages, female, dorsal view 24 Ditto, ventral view. Scale bars: 1 mm (23–24); 0.5 mm (19–20); 0.2 mm (21–22).

  Part of: Zhang F, Zhao L, Zhang C (2018) Cladolasma ailaoshan, a new species of the genus Cladolasma Suzuki, 1963 from China (Opiliones, Nemastomatidae, Ortholasmatinae). ZooKeys 748: 11-20.