Arachnanthus lilith sp. n. A (Paratype UF Cnidaria 9227) (not to scale) B (Paratype UF Cnidaria 9168) (not to scale) C–D Live specimens in nature (not included as paratypes – ICZN 72.4.6) (not to scale) E Dissected specimen with detail of acontioids (arrows) (scale bar 2 mm) UF Cnidaria 9168 (Holotype) F Detail of oral disc UF Cnidaria 9229 (Paratype) with detail on tentacular pores with green fluorescent protein (GFP) (arrows) (not to scale).

  Part of: Stampar SN, El Didi SO, Paulay G, Berumen ML (2018) A new species of Arachnanthus from the Red Sea (Cnidaria, Ceriantharia). ZooKeys 748: 1-10.