Digital Photo-illustrations. A Female reproductive and defence systems, dorsal aspect: Straneotia cylindroceps Erwin & Aldebron, sp. n., ADP100396 (see Fig. 2 references to female system; defense gland (gldr); cc accessory gland; ed efferent duct.). B Male aedeagus in repose, dorsal, ventral, left lateral aspects: Straneotia confundis Aldebron & Erwin, sp. n., ADP152452. Legend, fl, flagellum. Scale bar: 0.50 mm.

  Part of: Erwin TL, Aldebron C (2018) Neotropical Thoasia Liebke, 1939 and Straneotia Mateu, 1961 of the Cryptobatida group, subtribe Agrina: Taxonomic revisions with notes on their ways of life (Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini). ZooKeys 742: 57-90.