Digital Photo-illustrations. Habitus, dorsal aspect. A Straneotia cylindroceps Erwin & Aldebron, sp. n., female, ADP100396 B Straneotia moi Aldebron & Erwin, sp. n., female, ADP141236 C Straneotia confundis Aldebron & Erwin, sp. n., male, ADP152452 D Straneotia amazonica Mateu, Holotype female. Scale bar: 1.00 mm (A–C); ABL = 5.5mm (D).

  Part of: Erwin TL, Aldebron C (2018) Neotropical Thoasia Liebke, 1939 and Straneotia Mateu, 1961 of the Cryptobatida group, subtribe Agrina: Taxonomic revisions with notes on their ways of life (Insecta, Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini). ZooKeys 742: 57-90.