. Folsomia spp. 1–3 Variants of position of medial s-setae on Th.III, Abd.I, and Abd.II 4–7 Sensillar patterns at the end of abdomen in F. amurica sp. n. (4), F. bashkira (5), F. laconica sp. n. (6), and F. inoculata (7) 8 Position and different number (two, three, and four) of frontal setae on coxa of leg I (encircled). Abbreviations: Md, Mdl, Ml–dorsal, dorso-lateral and lateral macroseta, m-accp, c-accp–medial and corner accp-s-setae, ms–ms-seta, as–as-s-seta, accp2, accp2 –accp-s-seta, upper sbcx, lower sbcx–upper and lower subcoxae, cx–coxa.

  Part of: Potapov M, Hasegawa M, Kuznetsova N, Babenko A, Kuprin A (2018) Isotomidae of Japan and the Asiatic part of Russia. I. Folsomia ‘inoculata’ group. ZooKeys 750: 1-40. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.750.22764