CT scanned skeleton of Dellichthys trnskii, NMNZ P.028060, paratype, 25.0 mm SL. A Dorsal view B Lateral view C Ventral view D Caudal fin skeleton, lateral view. Asterisks indicate position or upper- and lowermost principal caudal-fin rays in D. Outline of poorly ossified portion of epural and entire parhypural indicated by white dotted line in D. Single scale bar shared between A-C. Abbreviations. AFR, anal-fin ray; DFR, dorsal-fin ray; DPrR, dorsal procurrent caudal-fin ray; Ep, epural; HS1, first hemal spine (14th vertebral centrum); LHP, lower hypural plate; NS, neural spine, number indicates associated vertebral centrum; P-MR, proximal-middle radial; PrR PU2, second preural centrum; UC, ural centrum; UHP, upper hypural plate; VPrR, ventral procurrent caudal-fin ray.

  Part of: Conway KW, Stewart AL, Summers AP (2018) A new species of sea urchin associating clingfish of the genus Dellichthys from New Zealand (Teleostei, Gobiesocidae). ZooKeys 740: 77-95. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.740.22712