CT scanned anterior skeleton, including cranium, paired-fin girdles and abdominal region of vertebral column, of Dellichthys trnskii, NMNZ 028060, paratype, 25.0 mm SL. A Dorsal view B Lateral view C Ventral view. Single scale bar shared by A–C. Abbreviations: ACh, anterior ceratohyal; Ana, anguloarticular; Apa, autopalatine; Asph, autosphenotic; Bh, basihyal; Boc, basioccipital; Bp, basipterygium; Br, branchiostegal rays; Cb5, ceratobranchial five; Cl, cleithrum; De, dentary; DPcl, dorsal postcleithrum; Ec, epicentral; Epoc, epioccipital; Exoc, exoccipital; Fr, frontal; Hy, hyomandibular; I, spinous pelvic-fin ray; Ihc, interhyal; Iop, interopercle; La, lachrymal; LE, lateral ethmoid; Mx, maxilla; Na, nasal; NS, neural spine; Op, opercle; Pa, parietal; PecR, pectoral-fin ray; PelR, pelvic-fin ray; Pmx, premaxilla; Pop, preopercle; Psph, parasphenoid; Pt, posttemporal; Pte, pterotic; Q, quadrate; Ra, retroarticular; Ri, rib; Sc, scale; Scl, supracleithrum; Soc, supraoccipital; Sop, subopercle; Sy, symplectic; Ur, urohyal; V, vertebral centrum; VPcl, ventral postcleithrum.

  Part of: Conway KW, Stewart AL, Summers AP (2018) A new species of sea urchin associating clingfish of the genus Dellichthys from New Zealand (Teleostei, Gobiesocidae). ZooKeys 740: 77-95. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.740.22712