Phylogram of relationships of Laubuka tenella and similar taxa, based on a Bayesian analysis of the mitochondrial COI gene. Branch lengths are proportional to expected changes per site, visualizing estimated genetic distance. The scale bar represents number of expected substitutions per nucleotide site. Node labels show the Bayesian posterior probability of the clade. Terminal labels start with GenBank accession number and end with a locality indication when known. Devario xyrops and Malayochela maassi are outgroup taxa. HM224171, identified as Laubuka fasciata in GenBank, is apparently a misidentified L. laubuca. JN815300 and JN815301 with locality in the Bay of Bengal off Bangladesh and India, obviously in error. CTOL samples lack locality information.

  Part of: Kullander SO, Rahman MM, NorĂ©n M, Mollah AR (2018) Laubuka tenella, a new species of cyprinid fish from southeastern Bangladesh and southwestern Myanmar (Teleostei, Cyprinidae, Danioninae). ZooKeys 742: 105-126.