Bacteria associated with hindgut cuticle in the papillate region of one specimen. A bacteria are visible near or at the cuticle (C) surface. Bacterial cells are connected to each other with thin filamentous structures (arrow) B bacteria are connected to the fuzzy layer of epicuticle (arrow) by thin filamentous structures (arrowheads).

  Part of: Bogataj U, Praznik M, Mrak P, Štrus J, Tušek-Žnidarič M, Žnidaršič N (2018) Comparative ultrastructure of cells and cuticle in the anterior chamber and papillate region of Porcellio scaber (Crustacea, Isopoda) hindgut. In: Hornung E, Taiti S, Szlavecz K (Eds) Isopods in a Changing World. ZooKeys 801: 427-458.