Pinned specimens of Dodona formosana and their relatives. A D. formosana (spp. formosana) ♂ B D. formosana (spp. formosana) ♀ C D. formosana (spp. esakii) ♂ D D. formosana (spp. esakii) ♀ E D. eu. eugenes ♂ F D. eu. venox ♂ G D. egeon ♂ H D. egeon ♀ I D. maculosa ♂ J D. maculosa ♀ K type of D. formosana (SEHU).

  Part of: Wu L-W, Lin W-J, Hsu Y-F (2018) A cryptic species, Dodona formosana, detected in the Dodona eugenes species complex: clarification of the taxonomic status of the Dodona butterfly in Taiwan. ZooKeys 736: 59-77.