Coryphellina rubrolineata O’Donoghue, 1929. Vietnam, Nhatrang Bay. ZMMU Op-132, living specimen 15 mm in length: A dorsal view B ventral view (fixed) C details of cerata D dissected anterior part (pharynx removed) and rhinophores, SEM, scale bar 1 mm E rhinophores, close up, SEM F jaw, SEM G details of masticatory process of jaw, SEM H radular teeth, posterior part, SEM I, J reproductive system, light microscopy K bilobed proximal receptaculum seminis. Abbreviations: a anus am ampulla fgm female gland mass go genital opening nd discontinuous notal edge ogp oral gland penetrating into basis of cerata ps penial sheath rsp proximal receptaculum seminis pvd prostatic vas deferens r rhinophores. Scale bars: D, F = 300 μm; G, H = 30 μm. Photos of living specimens by O.V. Savinkin, other photos and SEM images by A.V. Martynov.

  Part of: Korshunova T, Martynov A, Bakken T, Evertsen J, Fletcher K, Mudianta WI, Saito H, Lundin K, Schrödl M, Picton B (2017) Polyphyly of the traditional family Flabellinidae affects a major group of Nudibranchia: aeolidacean taxonomic reassessment with descriptions of several new families, genera, and species (Mollusca, Gastropoda). ZooKeys 717: 1-139.