Phylogenetic tree of aeolids with integrated data on external morphology. The “Flabellinidae” polyphyletic family complex is highlighted by different colours; names of the family- and genus-level taxa are provided. Abbreviations: CPA cleioproctic anus APA acleioproctic anus DTA dorso-terminal anus MSR multiserial radula PPA pleuroproctic anus TSR triserial radula USR uniserial radula.

  Part of: Korshunova T, Martynov A, Bakken T, Evertsen J, Fletcher K, Mudianta WI, Saito H, Lundin K, Schrödl M, Picton B (2017) Polyphyly of the traditional family Flabellinidae affects a major group of Nudibranchia: aeolidacean taxonomic reassessment with descriptions of several new families, genera, and species (Mollusca, Gastropoda). ZooKeys 717: 1-139.