Scanning electron micrographs. 14, 15 Head and thorax in lateral view 14 Myrmecophyes armeniacus Drapolyuk, 1989, female 15 Myrmecophyes heterocerus Horváth, 1927, male 16, 17 Metathoracic scent gland evaporative area and spiracle 16 M. armeniacus 17 M. heterocerus 18 Head of M. heterocerus male in lateral view 19 Antennal segment I of M. heterocerus male.

  Part of: Konstantinov FV, Simov N (2018) Review of the subgenus Plumiger of Myrmecophyes, with description of a new species (Heteroptera, Miridae, Halticini). ZooKeys 796: 215-239.