Living animals, habitus and shells. 1–2Pseudoveronicella (Hoffmannia) zootoca tanzaniensis subsp. n., holotype 3 Dendrolimax leprosus Pollonera, 1906 at Jubiya 4–7 Dendrolimax parensis sp. n.: 4–5, 6 holotype 7 living animal at Kindoroko, not collected but probably this species 8–10 Leptichnoides avisexcrementis sp. n., holotype. Scale bars: 10 mm (1–5), 5 mm (6–10).

  Part of: Rowson B, Paustian M, Van Goethem JV (2017) New species and records of terrestrial slugs from East Africa (Gastropoda, Urocyclidae, Veronicellidae, Agriolimacidae). ZooKeys 723: 11-42.