Stantonia takeuchii (Watanabe), ♀, holotype. 100 wings 101 mesosoma, lateral aspect 102 mesosoma, dorsal aspect 103 propodeum and first metasomal tergite, dorsal aspect 104 second and third metasomal tergites, dorsal aspect 105 hind coxa, dorsal aspect 106 head, anterior aspect 107 head, dorsal aspect 108 head, lateral aspect 109 hind leg, lateral aspect 110 detail of submedial and first subdiscal cells of fore wing.

  Part of: van Achterberg C, Long KD, Chen X-X (2017) Review of Stantonia Ashmead (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Orgilinae) from Vietnam, China, Japan, and Russia, with descriptions of six new species. ZooKeys 723: 61-119.