Claviplatys henryi gen. et sp. n., holotype. 5 head, ventral view 6 left antenna of male, ventral surface 7 same, anterior surface 8 left antenna of female, ventral surface 9 same, anterior surface 10 genital capsule, left lateral view 11 same, morphological posterior surface in most exposed view 12–15 left paramere, four different aspects. Arrows in Fig. 6 indicate anterior (a) and posterior (p) direction, that in Fig. 13 shows aspect of Fig. 15. Abbreviations: acl = anteclypeus; bu = buccula; cs = cuplike sclerite; lb1 = labiomere I; mdp = mandibular plate; sus = suspensory apodeme; t10 = tergite X. Scale bars in mm.

  Part of: Rédei D, Jindra Z (2018) Claviplatys henryi, a new genus and species of Plataspidae from southern India (Hemiptera, Heteroptera). In: Wheeler Jr AG (Ed.) A Festschrift Recognizing Thomas J. Henry for a Lifetime of Contributions to Heteropteran Systematics. ZooKeys 796: 397-408.