Helophorus dracomontanus sp. n. a holotype, dorsal b holotype head and pronotum, dorsal c paratype, lateral part of pronotum, ventral d paratype elytral epipleurs and flanks, metaventrite and abdomen, ventral e, f base of elytra and pronotum (dorsal) of holotype (e) and paratype (f) showing the scutellary striae. Scale bar: 1 mm (a, b, d, e, f); 0.5 mm (c).

  Part of: Angus RB (2017) A remarkable new Helophorus species (Coleoptera, Helophoridae) from the Tibetan Plateau (China, Sichuan). ZooKeys 718: 133-137. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.718.21361