Scanning electron micrographs of bisbistillatus group of species of the genus Fulvius: F. imbecilis (49–52), F. slateri (53): 49 Head and pronotum (left lateral view) 50 Structure and vestiture of pronotum 51, 53 Metatarsus 52. Pretarsal claw 54 Male pygophore.

  Part of: Wolski A, Gorczyca J, Yasunaga T, Jindra Z, Herczek A (2018) Taxonomic review of the bifenestratus species group of the genus Fulvius Stål with descriptions of two new species (Hemiptera, Heteroptera, Miridae, Cylapinae). In: Wheeler Jr AG (Ed.) A Festschrift Recognizing Thomas J. Henry for a Lifetime of Contributions to Heteropteran Systematics. ZooKeys 796: 107-129.