Ilnacora henryi, scanning electron micrographs. A simple setae on edge of cuneus, lateral view B mesothoracic spiracle and metathoracic scent-efferent system, lateral view C pretarsus, frontal view D male genitalia, caudal view. Abbreviations: tp, tergal process; lp, left paramere; mspr, mesepimeron; mtpn, metepisternum; pe, parempodium; pul, pulvillus; rp, right paramere (ap – anterior process, fp – fan-shaped spine, pp – posterior process); ph, phallotheca; vm, ventral margin of pygophore.

  Part of: Schwartz MD (2018) Ilnacora henryi, a new species of plant bug from Mexico (Heteroptera, Miridae, Orthotylinae, Orthotylini). In: Wheeler Jr AG (Ed.) A Festschrift Recognizing Thomas J. Henry for a Lifetime of Contributions to Heteropteran Systematics. ZooKeys 796: 241-252.