Geographic distribution of Wallaconchis species. The colors used for each species are the same as those used in phylogenetic trees (Figs 1–5), but note that for W. ater, W. graniferum, and W. melanesiensis, both units #1 and #2 are included within the distribution of the species and that only the color of unit #1 is being used. Black dots show sites sampled by the authors, and grey dots (in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific) show localities where samples were borrowed from a museum collection.

  Part of: Goulding TC, Khalil M, Tan SH, Dayrat B (2018) Integrative taxonomy of a new and highly-diverse genus of onchidiid slugs from the Coral Triangle (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Onchidiidae). ZooKeys 763: 1-111.