Mangrove habitats, Wallaconchis ater. A–B Indonesia, Bali, Pemuteran, Labuhan Lalang Harbor, coral rubble, rocks and a few Avicennia (st 157) C–D Indonesia, Lombok, Don Don, old Avicennia forest, with coral rubble (st 149) E–F Philippines, Bohol, Mabini, open Avicennia and Sonneratia mangrove with sand and coral rubble (st 196).

  Part of: Goulding TC, Khalil M, Tan SH, Dayrat B (2018) Integrative taxonomy of a new and highly-diverse genus of onchidiid slugs from the Coral Triangle (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Onchidiidae). ZooKeys 763: 1-111.