Persanura lencarana sp. n.: 14 chaetotaxy of head and Th. (holotype), dorsal view 15 chaetotaxy of ventrolateral part of head 16 tubercle De of Abd. II 17 tubercle Dl of Th. II, ventral view 18 mandible 19 maxilla 20 furca rudimentary 21 claw and T III, ventrolateral view 22 sensillum sgv and microsensillum of Ant. III 23 apical bulb, dorsal view 24 apical bulb, ventral view 25 dorsal chaetotaxy of Ant. III–IV 26 chaetotaxy and ventral sclerifications of labrum 27 chaeta Di1 of Abd. IV 28 sensillum of Abd. V.

  Part of: Smolis A, Kuznetsova N (2018) The genera Albanura Deharveng, 1982 and Persanura Mayvan et al., 2015 are no longer monotypic: description of new species from the Caucasus (Collembola, Neanuridae, Neanurinae, Neanurini). ZooKeys 737: 1-12.