Albanura secunda sp. n.: 1 chaetotaxy of head, Th. and Abd. I (holotype), dorsal view 2 chaetotaxy of tubercles Dl and (L+So) on head, ventrolateral view 3 mandible 4 maxilla 5 chaetotaxy and ventral sclerifications of labrum 6 apical bulb, ventral view 7 dorsal chaetotaxy of Ant. III–IV 8 ventral chaetotaxy of Ant. III 9 dorsal chaetotaxy of Abd. IV–VI 10 tubercle L of Abd. IV 11 sensillum of Abd. V 12 chaeta Di1 of Abd. V 13 furca rudimentary.

  Part of: Smolis A, Kuznetsova N (2018) The genera Albanura Deharveng, 1982 and Persanura Mayvan et al., 2015 are no longer monotypic: description of new species from the Caucasus (Collembola, Neanuridae, Neanurinae, Neanurini). ZooKeys 737: 1-12.