Life stages of Prionispa champaka. 21 Pollia japonica, the host plant for P. champaka 22 Adult of P. champaka and its feeding channel 23-24 An egg sheath of P. champaka which laid and located on the mid-rib of upper surface of a leaf 25 A leaf with new mine of hatching larvae of P. champaka and some linear feeding channels of adults 26 Large larval mine of mature larvae 27 Two pupal mines of P. champaka located at the base of petiole on the upper surface 28 Freshly emerged adult.

  Part of: Liao C, Liu P, Xu J, Staines CL, Dai X (2018) Description of the last-instar larva and pupa of a leaf-mining hispine – Prionispa champaka Maulik, 1919 (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae, Cassidinae, Oncocephalini). ZooKeys 729: 47-60.