Cuacuba mariana sp. n. (IBSP 18118, 174911). A male epiandrous B male epiandrous, detail C male spinnerets D male colulus E male anterior lateral spinneret, detail F male posterior lateral spinneret and posterior median spinneret, detail. Abbreviations: AC aciniform spigots; AG aggregate gland spigots; ALS anterior lateral spinnerets; AM ampullate spigot; CY cylindrical gland spigots; FL flagelliform gland spigot; PI piriform gland spigots; PLS posterior lateral spinneret; PMS posterior median spinneret. Scale bars: A 0.05; B 0.01; C 0.1; D 0.05; E 0.02; F 0.03 mm.

  Part of: Prete PH, Cizauskas I, Brescovit AD (2018) Three new species of the spider genus Plato and the new genus Cuacuba from caves of the states of ParĂ¡ and Minas Gerais, Brazil (Araneae, Theridiosomatidae). ZooKeys 753: 107-162.