Pui Pui Protected Forest indicated in red outline with collecting sites (1–6) of Phrynopus inti sp. n., star indicating type locality, and the estimated distributional area of 101.3 km2 in blue. 1 = Toldopampa valley, 3670 m a.s.l., 2 = Satipo-Toldopampa Road at km 134, 3350 m a.s.l., 3 = Quebrada Tasta, 3609 m a.s.l., 4 = Polylepis forest patch near trail from Tasta to Tarhuish, 3886 m a.s.l., 5 = Antuyo, 3700 m a.s.l., 6 = close to Laguna Sinchon, 3890 m a.s.l. Map by J.C. Cusi.

  Part of: Lehr E, von May R, Moravec J, Cusi JC (2017) A new species of Phrynopus (Amphibia, Anura, Craugastoridae) from upper montane forests and high Andean grasslands of the Pui Pui Protected Forest in central Peru. ZooKeys 713: 131-157. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.713.20776