Type locality and habitats of Phrynopus inti sp. n. Satipo-Toldopampa Road at km 134 on left side of street coming from Satipo, 3350 m a.s.l., 23 June 2013 (A); Quebrada Toldopampa, 3670 m a.s.l., 22 June 2013 (B); Type locality, Quebrada Tasta, 3609 m a.s.l., 20 May 2012 (C); Antuyo, PPPF, 3700 m a.s.l., 27 June 2013 (D); Laguna Sinchon, PPPF, 3890 m a.s.l., 29 June 2013 (E). Photos by E. Lehr.

  Part of: Lehr E, von May R, Moravec J, Cusi JC (2017) A new species of Phrynopus (Amphibia, Anura, Craugastoridae) from upper montane forests and high Andean grasslands of the Pui Pui Protected Forest in central Peru. ZooKeys 713: 131-157. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.713.20776