Gressitocoris henryi sp. n. female holotype. 1 Habitus in dorsal view 2 Head in dorsal view 3 Head in lateral view 4 Pronotal callosities 5 Pronotal disk in dorsal view 6 Scutellum in dorsal view 7 Endocorium and apex of clavi in dorsal view 8 Membrane and cunei in dorsal view 9 Left antenna: first antennal segment and base of the second 10 Evaporative area. Scale bar = 0.1 mm (except in Figs 1, 2 and 8, scale = 1.0 mm).

  Part of: Chérot F (2018) Miscellanea Miridologica V. Taxonomy and chorology of new or little known taxa of Continental New Guinea and neighboring islands (Insecta, Heteroptera, Miridae). In: Wheeler Jr AG (Ed.) A Festschrift Recognizing Thomas J. Henry for a Lifetime of Contributions to Heteropteran Systematics. ZooKeys 796: 83-95.