Dineutus sinuosipennis Laporte, 1840. 11–15 Instar I 16 Instar III 11 Left metathoracic leg, anterior view 12 Right metathoracic leg, posterior view 13 Abdominal segment X, ventral view 14 Medial hook, lateral view 15 Lateral hook, lateral view 16 Head, dorsal view. Numbers and lowercase letters indicate primary setae and pores, respectively. Additional pore on trochanter indicated by solid triangle. Sensilla on abdominal segment X not labeled. CO: coxa; FE: femur; PT: pretarsus; TA: tarsus; TI: tibia; TR: trochanter. Scale bars: 0.15 mm (11–15); 0.70 mm (16).

  Part of: Michat MC, Gustafson GT, Bergsten J (2017) Larval description and chaetotaxic analysis of Dineutus sinuosipennis Laporte, 1840, with a key for the identification of larvae of the tribe Dineutini (Coleoptera, Gyrinidae). ZooKeys 718: 95-114. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.718.20726