Ultrametric COI gene tree from Beast used to test larvae conspecificity with identified adults using GMYC. Red branches are intraspecific coalecence events, black branches represent divergence between separately evolving lineages. Numbers at nodes are posterior probability values from Beast (only given for species nodes). Sequences from the four larvae are conspecific with adults of Dineutus sinuosipennis but heterospecific to adults of D. proximus and D. subspinosus, according to the GMYC results.

  Part of: Michat MC, Gustafson GT, Bergsten J (2017) Larval description and chaetotaxic analysis of Dineutus sinuosipennis Laporte, 1840, with a key for the identification of larvae of the tribe Dineutini (Coleoptera, Gyrinidae). ZooKeys 718: 95-114. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.718.20726