BI-inferred dendrogram that illustrates the phylogenetic relationships of the Phrynocephalus mystaceus species complex based on the analysis of 654 b. p. fragment of COI gene (mtDNA). Numbers at the tree nodes show Bayesian Posterior Probabilities/ Maximum Likelihood Bootstrap Support. Only PP values higher than 0.90 and BS values higher than 75% are shown. COI sequence of Trapelus sanguinolentus is used as an outgroup.

  Part of: Solovyeva EN, Dunayev EN, Nazarov RA, Radjabizadeh M, Poyarkov Jr NA (2018) Molecular and morphological differentiation of Secret Toad-headed agama, Phrynocephalus mystaceus, with the description of a new subspecies from Iran (Reptilia, Agamidae). ZooKeys 748: 97-129.