Geographical distribution of Phrynocephalus mystaceus and locations of the sites where the samples that were examined in the molecular analyses of the present study were obtained. Locality numbers correspond to those given in Table 1. Dot in the center of a circle indicates the type locality; type localities for taxa are shown as follows: A Lacerta mystacea Pallas, 1776 B Megalochilus mystaceus dagestanica Ananjeva, “1986” 1987 C Phrynocephalus mystaceus aurantiacocaudatus Semenov & Shenbrot, 1990 D Phrynocephalus mystaceus galli Krassowsky, 1932; and E Ph. mystaceus khorasanus ssp. n.

  Part of: Solovyeva EN, Dunayev EN, Nazarov RA, Radjabizadeh M, Poyarkov Jr NA (2018) Molecular and morphological differentiation of Secret Toad-headed agama, Phrynocephalus mystaceus, with the description of a new subspecies from Iran (Reptilia, Agamidae). ZooKeys 748: 97-129.