Adicella syriaca Ulmer 1907, final instar larva. 7 Right midleg, posterior face (arrow: tarsal claw not hook-shaped) 8 Right hind leg, posterior face 9 Abdominal segments I and II, right lateral (a= lateral sclerite; b= lateral setae) 10 Lateral sclerite, detail 11 Sterna of metathorax and abdominal segments I and II 12 Tip of abdomen, dorsal (arrows= outermost setae of ninth abdominal tergite). Scale bars: 0.5 mm.

  Part of: Waringer J, Malicky H, Graf W, Vitecek S (2017) The larva of Adicella syriaca Ulmer 1907, including a key to the European larvae of Adicella McLachlan, 1877 (Trichoptera, Leptoceridae). ZooKeys 711: 131-140.