Family distribution at all IceAGE stations ordered by transect. Within each transect (1: Norwegian Channel, 2: Iceland-Faroe Ridge, 3: Iceland Basin, 4: Irmninger Basin, 5: Denmark Strait, 6: Norwegian Sea), stations are ordered by depth. The upper graph (black bars) indicates the absolute number of amphipod individuals per station. The lower graph indicates the amphipods sorted to families per station (legend by colours shown on the right side).

  Part of: Brix S, Lorz A-N, Jazdzewska AM, Hughes L, Tandberg AHS, Pabis K, Stransky B, Krapp-Schickel T, Sorbe JC, Hendrycks E, Vader W, Frutos I, Horton T, Jazdzewski K, Peart R, Beermann J, Coleman CO, Buhl-Mortensen L, Corbari L, Havermans C, Tato R, Campean AJ (2018) Amphipod family distributions around Iceland. In: Brix S, Lorz A-N, Stransky B, Svavarsson J (Eds) Amphipoda from the IceAGE-project (Icelandic marine Animals: Genetics and Ecology). ZooKeys 731: 1-53.