Dorsal view photos of IceAGE material representing different clades in the analyses. A Rhachotropis gisliiAMPIV004-17B R. helleriAMPIV233-17CR. aff. helleriAMPIV011-17D R. inflataAMPIV070-17E R. northrianaAMPIV225-17F R. oculata AMPIV 228-17 GR. aff. palporumAMPIV033-17HR. aff. proximaAMPIV005-17IR. cf. proximaAMPIV002-17J R. sp. B AMPIV009-17K R. thordisaeAMPIV007-17LR: thorkelliAMPIV078-17.

  Part of: Lörz A-N, Tandberg AHS, Willassen E, Driskell A (2018) Rhachotropis (Eusiroidea, Amphipoda) from the North East Atlantic. In: Brix S, Lörz A-N, Stransky B, Svavarsson J (Eds) Amphipoda from the IceAGE-project (Icelandic marine Animals: Genetics and Ecology). ZooKeys 731: 75–101.