Phylogenetic tree of cytochrome-b sequences of Odocoileini (continuation). This is a strict consensus topology resulting from the Bayesian inference analysis. Nodal support is indicated at each node, except where the relationship received negligible support. Posterior probabilities (from the Bayesian inference analysis) and bootstrap values (from the maximum-likelihood analysis) are indicated before and after the slashes (“/”) at branches of interest (i.e., nodal support for fairly shallow relationships within intraspecific haplogroups are omitted). The scale represents substitutions per site. For each terminal, country of origin and next-largest administrative unit (state, department, province, etc.) are provided (when reported by the team that generated them; see detailed voucher and locality information in supplementary file 1 for sequences that we generated). GenBank accession numbers are indicated for each terminal.

  Part of: Gutiérrez EE, Helgen KM, McDonough MM, Bauer F, Hawkins MTR, Escobedo-Morales LA, Patterson BD, Maldonado JE (2017) A gene-tree test of the traditional taxonomy of American deer: the importance of voucher specimens, geographic data, and dense sampling. ZooKeys 697: 87-131.