Digital Photo-illustration, female reproductive system dorsal and ventral aspects. Hyboptera lucida Henry & Erwin sp. n., ADP148100. Legend, bc, bursa copulatrix; sg, spermathecal gland; sgd, spermathecal gland duct; sp, spermatheca. Dorsal aspect; lt, laterotergite; gc1, gonocoxite 1; gc2, gonocoxite 2, des, dorsal ensiform seta, b, base of gonocoxite 2; bl, blade of gonocoxite 2. Scale line = 0.25 mm.

  Part of: Erwin TL, Henry SC (2017) Hyboptera Chaudoir 1872 of the Cryptobatida group of subtribe Agrina: A taxonomic revision with notes on their ways of life (Insecta: Coleoptera, Carabidae, Lebiini). ZooKeys 714: 61-127.