Distinctive morphological characters among species within the Hippocampus coronatus complex. A–C Tips on the corona flat A H. haema (PKU 9641, holotype) B H. coronatus (KPM-NI 7720) C H. sindonis (KPM-NI 19797). Numbers indicate coronet tips; the 5th coronet tip (posterior coronet spine) is indicated in red. The * indicates the appendage growing on the anterior coronet spine, which is a skin filament D–F Dorsal fin base spines (red arrows; wing-tip spines in D and E) D H. haema (PKU 9641, holotype) E H. coronatus (KPM-NI 7720) F H. sindonis (KPM-NI 19797).

  Part of: Han S-Y, Kim J-K, Kai Y, Senou H (2017) Seahorses of the Hippocampus coronatus complex: taxonomic revision, and description of Hippocampus haema, a new species from Korea and Japan (Teleostei, Syngnathidae). ZooKeys 712: 113-139. https://doi.org/10.3897/zookeys.712.14955