Meristic and morphometric characters used in Hippocampus analyses following Lourie (2003). Abbreviations: eye spine (ES), cheek spine (CS), anterior coronet spine (ACS), posterior coronet spine (PCS), corona (Coa), dorsal spine of the first trunk ring (FTrRDS), dorsal spine of the last trunk ring (LTrRDS; Wing-tip spine [WS] as in H. coronatus and H. haema). Points used for measurements: a tip of snout (upper jaw) b anterior side of tubercle/spine c anterior edge of orbit d posterior edge of orbit e mid-point of cleithral ring f median groove (central depression) of coronet g gill opening h mid-point of lateral ridge of the last trunk ring i tail tip. Measurements: a–b snout length (SnL) c–d eye diameter (ED), a–e head length (HL) e–f coronet height from mid-point of cleithral ring (CHMC) f–g coronet height from gill opening (CHGO) e–h trunk length (TrL) h–i tail length (TaL) a–e–h–i standard length (SL). Photographed specimen H. haemaPKU 10129 (paratype).

  Part of: Han S-Y, Kim J-K, Kai Y, Senou H (2017) Seahorses of the Hippocampus coronatus complex: taxonomic revision, and description of Hippocampus haema, a new species from Korea and Japan (Teleostei, Syngnathidae). ZooKeys 712: 113-139.