Single most parsimonious tree (146.130 steps) based on 60 morphological characters (52 discrete and 8 continuous). Bootstrap (B), Jackknife (J) and Symmetric (S) support values over 50% are mentioned above the corresponding branches, respectively. The arrows with capital letters indicate the clades. Synapomorphies are shown on the branches, and character states in red. Table on the right shows distribution of the species by region (AF = Afrotropical, PAL = Palaearctic, OR = Oriental, AUS = Australian). The two major clades are marked as (*) and (**) indicating Sternolophus s. str. and Neosternolophus respectively. Species groups angolensis and solieri (see Nasserzadeh and Komarek 2017) are shown in closed irregular ovals.

  Part of: Nasserzadeh H, Alipanah H, Gilasian E (2017) Phylogenetic study of the genus Sternolophus Solier (Coleoptera, Hydrophilidae) based on adult morphology. ZooKeys 712: 69-85.