Chrysomelinae species in Rio de Janeiro. Some Chrysomelinae species occurring in Serra dos Órgãos National Park, State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Calligrapha polyspila (A); Deuterocampta sedula adult (B1) and larva (B2); Elytrosphaera xanthopyga (C); Grammodesma rubroaenea adult (D1) and larva (D2); Platyphora axillaris adult (E1) and larva (E2); Platyphora bigata (F); Platyphora congener (G); Platyphora curticollis adult (H1), larval cannibalism (H2) and larval aggregation (H3); Platyphora dejeani adult (I1) and larva (I2) Calligrapha polyspila (Platyphora difficilis) (J); Platyphora fasciatomaculata adult (K1) and larva (K2); Platyphora fervida yellow-pronotum adult and larva (L1) and red-pronotum female ovipositing (L2); Platyphora flavovittata (M); Platyphora fraterna adult (N1) and larval aggregation (N2); Platyphora itatiayensis adult (O1) and larvae (O2); Platyphora jucunda adult (P1) and larval aggregation (P2); Platyphora langsdorfi adult (Q1) and larva (Q2); Platyphora pastica (R) Platyphora vidanoi (S); Platyphora zikani adult (T1) and young larvae (T2); Platyphora zonata (U); Stilodes thetis (V); Stilodes (Grammomades) impuncticollis adult (W1), eggs (W2) and larva (W3); Trichomela xantholoma (X); Zygogramma appendiculata polymorphic adults in copula (Y1), larvae feeding (Y2), larval cycloalexy (Y3), adult aggregation (Y4), egg mass (Y5), larva attacked by hemipteran nymph (Y6).

  Part of: Flinte V, Abejanella A, Daccordi M, Monteiro RF, Macedo MV (2017) Chrysomelinae species (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) and new biological data from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In: Chaboo CS, Schmitt M (Eds) Research on Chrysomelidae 7. ZooKeys 720: 5-22.