Phylogenetic relationships among phylum Annelida based on the combined 13,416 bp nucleotide positions. Total alignment length is greater than the combined P. corethrurus protein coding and rRNA sequence lengths due to overlapping protein coding sequences that are subsequently concatenated, and indel regions in the alignment. The posterior probability value of BI analyses and bootstrap support values of ML analyses (in the order: BI, ML) are indicated near the branches.

  Part of: Conrado AC, Arruda H, Stanton DWG, James SW, Kille P, Brown G, Silva E, Dupont L, Taheri S, Morgan AJ, Simões N, Rodrigues A, Montiel R, Cunha L (2017) The complete mitochondrial DNA sequence of the pantropical earthworm Pontoscolex corethrurus (Rhinodrilidae, Clitellata): Mitogenome characterization and phylogenetic positioning. ZooKeys 688: 1-13.