Video of the 3D model of O. echinulata (MNA 2644); Catalogue number, latitude (DD), longitude (DD), depth and event date as described in the section “Dataset description”, GenBank Accession number, Barcode Index Number from the Bold system and the complete COI sequence in FASTA format. Video available at:

  Part of: Cecchetto M, Alvaro MC, Ghiglione C, Guzzi A, Mazzoli C, Piazza P, Schiaparelli S (2017) Distributional records of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic Ophiuroidea from samples curated at the Italian National Antarctic Museum (MNA): check-list update of the group in the Terra Nova Bay area (Ross Sea) and launch of the MNA 3D model ‘virtual gallery’. ZooKeys 705: 61-79.