Copulatory organs and chelicera of Metellina orientalis (23–25, 29) from Konya Province of Turkey and M. kirgisica (26–28). 23–24 male palp, dorsal and ventral 25 cymbial setae 26–28 epigyne, ventral, ventro-caudal and caudal 29 male chelicera, lateral. Abbreviations: Dd deep depression Fs fine spines Pd dorso-retrolateral arm Ps spur like process Pt lateral pits Pv finger-like ventral arm Se sclerotised outgrowth. Scale bars 0.2 mm (26, 27, 28).

  Part of: Özkütük RS, Marusik YM, Kunt KB, Elverici M (2017) Taxonomic notes on two sibling species of Metellina from Asia (Araneae, Tetragnathidae). ZooKeys 695: 75-88.