Shells, opercula and radula, F. fresti, sp. n. A Holotype, USNM 1144376 B, C Sympatric ovate-conic and trochiform shell morphs, respectively, USNM 1297149 D Shell, USNM 1297155 E, F Opercula (outer, inner sides), USNM 1422223 G Portion of radular ribbon, USNM 1422223 H Central teeth, USNM 1422223 I Lateral teeth, USNM 1422223. Scale bars: A–D 1.0 mm; E–F 250 µm; G 100 µm; H–I 20 µm.

  Part of: Hershler R, Liu H-P, Hubbart N (2017) Two new species of Fluminicola (Caenogastropoda, Lithoglyphidae) from southwest Oregon, USA, and a range extension for F. multifarius. ZooKeys 679: 1-20.