Reproductive anatomy. A–D F. multifarius A, B, DUSNM 1144567, CUSNM 1070753 E–G F. fresti, sp.n., USNM 1422223 H–J F. umpquaensis, sp. n., USNM 1144736. A, E, G Female glandular oviduct and associated structures (viewed from left side) B, C, F, I Bursa copulatrix and seminal receptacle, D, G, J Penis, dorsal surface. The bursa copulatrix and seminal receptacle of type material of F. multifarius (C), which was not illustrated by Hershler et al. (2007), is shown for comparative purposes. Scale bars, 500 µm. Ag albumen gland Bu bursa copulatrix Cg capsule gland Cov coiled oviduct Dsr seminal receptacle duct Ga genital aperture Pd penial duct Pw posterior wall of pallial cavity Sr seminal receptacle Vc ventral channel of capsule gland.

  Part of: Hershler R, Liu H-P, Hubbart N (2017) Two new species of Fluminicola (Caenogastropoda, Lithoglyphidae) from southwest Oregon, USA, and a range extension for F. multifarius. ZooKeys 679: 1-20.