Anguilla marmorata and A. bengalensis bengalensis collected in the Pondok Upeh River in Penang Island of Peninsular Malaysia. A Anguilla marmorata (904 mm in TL) B Anguilla bengalensis bengalensis (889 mm in TL) C Wide maxillary bands of teeth of A. marmorata D Narrow maxillary bands of teeth of A. bengalensis bengalensis. DNA was extracted from dorsal fin clip of each specimen, and hence the posterior dorsal fin of each specimen is lacking.

  Part of: Abdul Kadir SR, Abdul Rasid MHF, Kwong KO, Wong LL, Arai T (2017) Occurrence and the ecological implication of a tropical anguillid eel Anguilla marmorata from peninsular Malaysia. ZooKeys 695: 103-110.