Bayesian inferred circular phylograms of North American Torrenticola, COI only. Scale bars indicate 1.0 substitutions per site. A Overall tree depicting the four complexes recovered in combined analysis. Dots denote posterior probability >95% B Species distributions; branch colors correspond to regions of North America depicted on the right (eastern, pink; western teal). Asterisks denote eastern species that extend into the west. Note that lineages tend to contain species distributed in either the east or west, but not both. Detail of this figure is presented in Figures 10–18.

  Part of: Fisher JR, Fisher DM, Skvarla MJ, Nelson WA, Dowling APG (2017) Revision of torrent mites (Parasitengona, Torrenticolidae, Torrenticola) of the United States and Canada: 90 descriptions, molecular phylogenetics, and a key to species. ZooKeys 701: 1-496.